Hands off our Girls

# Hands Off Our Girls.

In Kegogi location, a mother left her 6 months old daughter, Lucy, in bed and rushed to fetch Napier grass. Coming back, straight to her daughter, she found her crying uncontrollably and soaked in blood. Shocked and in panic, she screamed calling for the neighbours’ attention. Later, it was discovered that the perpetrator was Lucy’s 16-year-old cousin. The family, wanting to protect their name, threaten to send away the mother if she pursues the case. The mother fearing to lose her marriage and other children chose to keep silent. The family organized a kangaroo meeting where they agreed to settle the matter locally. They agreed to be silent about the defilement and if anybody came asking, nobody revealed any information. 

Despite our intervention to empower all with knowledge on how to handle defilement and other gender based violence cases, most of the cases are suppressed, mismanaged, ignorance, protection of the family name, tampering with evidence, and sometimes, due to the court related costs that most of the survivor families can’t afford, justice is not served. Just like Lucy there are many girls in this area who are defiled and denied justice.

In July 2020, a total of 7 defilement cases were reported in Kitutu chache north. As you contribute, you are supporting a survivor to reach the courts and access justice. Kindly contribute to keep Hands Off Our girls.

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