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Teachers hold a pivotal role in ending gender based violence and protecting the lives of boys and girls that they impart character and teachings in the day to day educational programs.

CECOME aims at eliminating SGBV which occurs in or on the way to and from school. As we believe that teachers play an integral role in identifying pupils that go through SGBV and offering advice and psychosocial support to them, we held a teacher’s sensitization forum at Nyakoora primary school with teachers from Tambacha, Mesaria, Nyakoora, Itumbe, and Ngokoro primary schools present.

The sensitization forum targeted teachers not part of the CECOME volunteering team and focused on improving their knowledge on Gender based violence.

“GBV, whether physical, sexual, psychological, or of any other form, is a blunt violation of human rights. School-related gender-based violence (SRGBV) or fear of SGBV can adversely affect girls’ and boys’ attendance and performance in schools and also the quality of the entire education system.” Stella Achoki - Executive Director CECOME.

“I never knew that lack of proper teacher-student relationship can be a cause of gender based violence. I am glad that CECOME considered us non-volunteer teachers for this educative session”. Mr. Alloyce Ochogo, Teacher - Mesaria primary school.

“The effects of violence that have learnt today are indeed some of the factors contributing to the poor performance in some pupils in our school. I will be in the fore-front starting championing for eradication of GBV“. Mr. Nyagwaya Richard, Deputy Head Teacher - Ngokoro Primary school.

“Glad that our teachers have had the opportunity through CECOME to learn on the systems available in resolving GBV cases. We will work towards ensuring that we create an enabling environment for the pupils to share their issues with us”. Madam Lilian Rioba Deputy Head Teacher Tambacha primary school.

“Teachers and learners can be both perpetrators and/or victims of GBV. Awareness-raising and sensitization needs to target the entire school population” Julius Ayunga. Project officer- CECOME.

Gender violence in and around school has been recognized in recent years as a serious global phenomenon that have been ignored for too long in the school environment. Schools are not always the child-friendly places they are presumed to be (UN, 2006).

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