communities attain the basic development & human dignity.

Building the capacity of communities for sustainable development and advanced human dignity

SGBV Prevention

Sexual And Gender Based Violence Prevention. The project targets

Young Women & Leadership

Young For Awareness, Agency, Advocacy & Accountability (YW4A) Working


FGM PREVENTION – ARP PROGRAM Every year our girls

Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment And Livelihood – Mama Shwari CECOME equips

Stella Achoki

Executive Director

Purity M. Omariba

Public Engagement Officer

Julius Ayunga

Project Officer

Azenath Okemwa

Project Officer

Nyamoita Ntabo

Finance Officer

Sylvia Mariita

Assistant Finance Officer
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Centre for Community
Mobilization and Empowerment (CECOME)

CECOME is a woman led women managed organization which was established and officially registered as an NGO in Kenya in the year 2012.
The organization was established to ensure that communities attain the basic development and human dignity.