Cohort 2 Alternative rite of passage Graduation

we conducted our Cohort two alternative rite of passage (ARP)graduation ceremony to mark the end of the 16 days of Gender Activism and to celebrate CECOME’s 10 years of service.

93 girls of between 7-11 years graduated after undertaking 3 holiday ARP sessions

conducted by trained ARP facilitators guided by the MSICHANA JASIRI curriculum that entails units on the Abagusii culture, human development, FGM, health, education and learning life skills.

we were joined by stakeholders from administration, health education and religious sectors. our partner: International Solidarity Foundation, Armshield International, Daraja Mbili Vision Volunteers and Inform Action joined the celebrations and echoed on their initiatives meant to end GBV and FGM.

parents and their daughters made an oral declaration “SAY NO TO FGM” and declared their support for the program.


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