Sexual And Gender Based Violence Prevention.

The project targets 1932 beneficiaries in Kisii County.

Shielding Women and Girls’ (SWAG) Rights Project campaigns against Sexual and Gender Based Violence prevention in the community through the establishment of school health clubs, holding school sensitization sessions, organizing youth mentor-ship sessions as well as empowering the larger community on the effects of gender-based violence. The project targets 1932 beneficiaries in Kisii County.  The project engages change agents: Community Health Volunteers, peer club leaders, religious leaders and local administrators who reach out to parents/guardians of school-going children and community in general with project information.

Through The Alternative Rites of Passage (ARP) camps, CECOME equips girls between 7-11 years with anti-FGM and life skills information using MSICHANA JASIRI Curriculum that enables them to say NO to FGM. ARP reaches 100 girls annually trained by trained ARP Facilitators.