At Cecome, We aim at empowering vulnerable members of the community to take charge of their lives and improve their living conditions. We believe that knowledge is the way to success. By creating awareness we are able to transform the lives of vulnerable groups through community organization, capacity planning, and socio economic empowerment for community safety and family stability.

What we stand for

CECOME offers a space to women and girls affected by FGM to engage directly with Kenya decision makers. Our experiences and the expertise of define and guide the Organization’s calls for political action to end FGM.

Building Bridges

Fostering dialogues across all different sectors unites the Anti-FGM movement to share in once voice in ending FGM. A key priority of CECOME is ensuring that all work and dialogue around FGM must encompass all areas FGM lends itself to including the law, health, asylum, media, social protection and education. Through knowledge exchange of the different sectors, a better understand of how to end FGM for good can be reached.

Enabling Communities

FGM cannot be ended without community voices which are at the very heart of the work of CECOME. Through building strong connections with communities, the CECOME learns the best ways on how to support women and girls at risk of FGM or who have undergone the harmful practice.CECOME is comprised of individuals that either work primarily as grassroots correspondents who have grassroot programmes. These programmes work with community leaders such as Imams, doctors and survivor activists, training them to influence their wider community, encouraging them to stop the practice of FGM and warning them of the consequences.